Platinum Health Screening Package

Platinum Health Screening Package

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This is a recommended package to annually review state of diabetes, cardiovascular risk, renal, liver, thyroid status and 4 tumour markers for anyone aged 50 and above. 

21 day access to MyDoc platform and GP consults included post screening.

Test details:

Fill this online form upon purchase of package:

- Screening should be done within 30 days of purchase of screening package

- 8 hours fasting is required overnight, with a 8.30 to 10.30 am window for screening on most days except Sundays and Public holidays. 

- Test results will be uploaded onto MyDoc Platform

- online doctor consult is included in the package on MyDoc platform

Additional optional tests (at assigned clinics to be paid at clinics):

ECG  S$ 25

Chest X-Ray  S$ 20

Mammogram  S$ 110                   

Ultrasound Abdomen S$120

Ultrasound Pelvis    S$90

Utrasound Breasts   S$90